Kohler & Campbell 5'9" baby grand. The K & C craftsmen combine their handcrafting skills with the precision of computer controlled devices to create a piano with not only a precision fit and finish, but that also has the finest touch and tone quality.

Kohler & Campbell selects the finest parts from around the world, including hammers from Renner in Germany.

​A new grand retails for over $10k Bay State's price is only $3500 delivered! 

Other Yamaha Uprights available:

Everett Console. A great American made piano with an all around great look and sound. Easy touch too. Your family will enjoy this piano for years to come.

A great deal at $1950. ​Includes matching bench and delivery!

Yamaha G2

Three available!


Essex Baby Grand Piano, model EGP-160.

The Yamaha U3. It's the tallest Yamaha upright standing at 52". The U3 currently has a suggested new retail price of $16,000. Our NEARLY NEW price for the U3 which includes delivery, piano bench, 5 year warranty, and your first in home piano tuning is $5100.

Our Best Sellers



Kohler and Campbell classic upright. The perfect starter piano. Used for piano lessons for only a few years. Tuned / regulated and ready to go. Excellent sound and easy to play.

​Upgrade from that keyboard for only $1500 - delivered!

The Essex brand piano is exclusively designed by world famous Steinway piano company. A premium quality piano This piano was purchased new in 2004 and has very little wear inside and out. At only 5ft 3" it's the perfect size for any space. 

Yamaha U3

Yamaha G3.High gloss ebony finish in like new condition inside and out.

A full sized grand at 6'1" giving it an amazing sound quality. Come by and give it a try.

Price of  $13,500 ​includes delivery, new bench, first tuning and 5 year warranty.


Yamaha upright piano model U1, 48" tall. $4800.
Yamaha upright piano model U2, 50" tall. $4900.
Yamaha upright piano model UX, 52" tall. $5300.

Conover & Cable Studio 45" Upright Piano. $2300

Wurlitzer small baby grand with a big sound. It's under 5 ft long so a perfect fit for any sized room. Great starter grand.

Delivery, 5 yr warranty and first tuning included. $2500



Yamaha G2 - 1991 model. High gloss ebony finish in Pristine condition. Beautiful tone quality and playability. A piano for the true musician. 

The price of $12,500 includes delivery, new bench, first in home tuning and our 5 year warranty.

** Added Bonus **This model has an installed practice felt mechanism typically found only in Yamaha uprights. Allows playing at any hour of the day.

Yamaha U1.​48" Upright with a high gloss ebony finish in like new condition.

A perennial favorite among discerning pianists, U1 upright pianos offer outstanding musical performance, setting the standards by which many other upright pianos are measured.​ New MSRP starts at over $13k!

$4800 ​includes delivery, matching bench and first in home tuning.

Three Yamahas to fit any budget (delivery included)

Not you average Spinet. A bright full sound for a small piano. Yamaha made them well. Also a beautiful piece of furniture that fits anywhere.

Only $1950

Yamaha 45" upright. Older model. Walnut cabinet with some flaws but an excellent action and the full Yamaha sound.


Yamaha U1. Older model with unique styling. Ebony cabinet. Near perfect insides. Hammers and all action parts have very little wear. Sounds and plays like the newer models. Priced at only $2900!

Like new automobiles, all brand new pianos depreciate very quickly from the showroom price tag, then their real value is stable for many years. I search out the pianos from the finest piano makers that are NEARLY NEW.

The Yamaha and Kawai pianos I list as NEARLY NEW represent a terrific financial and musical investment. These pristine condition pianos when you see them, you will agree, look and sound in every respect as new. Mechanically and structurally they are in excellent condition. Because I buy in quantity from my wholesaler in Japan, I am able to pass on these substantial savings to my customers.

Email me and let me know what you had in mind.


Kimball Console. A great starter piano. $1500

The low price of $5900 includes delivery and your first in home tuning.If you ever thought about upgrading to a grand, this is the time. A beautiful piano at a great price.

Come by this Saturday between 1:00 and 5:00 and give this gem, as well as any of our other pianos, a try.

Didn't find the piano you were looking for?

Yamaha M2 Console. . $2100.

Baldwin Spinet. One of their later models. $1850.

Story & Clark console, like new condition. A solid entry level acoustic piano. Mechanically solid action and easy to play. This American made piano will last and fill your house with music for years to come.$1950.

Samick continental style upright. Attractive sleek design and high gloss finish. Wonderful even tone and playability.

Excellent condition in and out. $1950

Recently Sold Pianos



The 5'8" Yamaha G2 is our most popular mid-sized Yamaha grand piano. It has a suggested new retail price of $35K. Our NEARLY NEW price for G2, which includes delivery, piano bench, 5 year warranty, and your first in home piano tuning is $12,500.

Current Inventory

Hallet & Davis 48" high gloss mahogany Upright. $2500

Kawai TP-125​ $3900

** Every piano we sell includes a bench, Delivery, Your first in home tuning and Bay State Piano's five year warranty **

Yamaha grand piano model G3 6'1". $13,500

Yamaha grand piano model G5 6'7". $15,900

Many local churches have purchased the G5 for their sanctuary performance piano.

1973 Mason & Hamlin A.$8500 

Sohmer Cupid grand. $2900

Well made Baldwin Hamilton. Bigger sound than their console or spinet.  This studio upright had set the standard for pianos that have demanding users. Its string length is the same as a 5'8″ grand and the action is fast and responsive.

All wood core cabinet and action make this piano the choice of many institutions and professional musicians all over America.​ $1950.


Baldwin Hamilton. $2400

Yamaha U3.High gloss ebony finish in like new condition. The middle pedal is used to muffle the sound when practicing.

Yamaha's tallest Upright at 52" high with a sound similar to a small grand. Come by give it a try. 

 $5100 ​includes delivery, new bench, first tuning and our five year warranty.

Other Yamaha Grands available: