Client Testimonials

"He has been playing the piano non-stop since you left!  He certainly is excited about playing right now...we'll see.  Thanks again for the super "overhaul". - Joanne. A Very Happy Parent

Associate Member Piano Technicians Guild of Boston

"Piano sounds great.  HUGE thanks!!!!" - Beth M. A very busy piano teacher in Burlington

Graduate of the North Bennet Street School: Certificate in Piano Technology

Piano Tuning and Repair

BA in Music

​Univiversity. of Massachusetts

Piano services include:

• Tuning
• Repair or replace any broken or missing parts including strings
• Repair of sluggish or dead keys
• Elimination of unusual squeaks, rattles or buzzing
• Replace missing ivories
• Install full sets of new key tops
• Damp Chaser humidity control system installations and service
• Pedal problems
• Interior / exterior cleaning incl. under the strings on grand pianos

This is only a partial list of the services I provide. Contact me today and I will be happy to discuss your piano with you.

"I just want to let you know that I am absolutely thrilled with the way you tuned my piano.  It has never sounded better.  You did a phenomenal job and for that I am extremely grateful.  I finally have found the best piano tuner! " - Barbara. Former piano teacher in Stoneham

Whether it’s an old upright piano that has been neglected for years or a well cared for family treasure, we will have your piano sounding and playing its best.